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    Tapie Laurent confirmed that 19 professional players $ 16.5 million due to Full Tilt Poker


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    Tapie Laurent confirmed that 19 professional players $ 16.5 million due to Full Tilt Poker

    Post by Scorillo on 8th April 2012, 10:44 pm

    Tapie Laurent confirmed that 19 professional players $ 16.5 million due to Full Tilt Poker

    Last week, Behnam Dayan, Groupe Bernard Tapie's lawyer, revealed that a number of professional players sponsor or are in close contact with Full Tilt Poker had huge debts that threaten completion of the acquisition by the GBT site. iGamingFrance now and that Laurent Tapie, the man who coordinated the process, confirming the allegations.

    According to the source mentioned, the amount due the player in question amounts to $ 16.5 million, a considerable additional expense that GBT does not intend to take and to bear, even if some players in debt agreed to sign contracts that will pay off. Their names were not released yet.

    iGamingFrance then plays a few passages from a discussion with goats

    "As he wrote ... argument ought to say that players will pay the debt only if the money go to players is tricky, since I know very well that all players will receive money only if GBT ends takeover, and for this to happen, it is necessary professionals owe money to be returned to Full Tilt.

    Otherwise, GBT will have to complete the amount, generating an additional cost for operation cost that GBT is ready to assume, especially since after the financial audit performed, the context in which Full Tilt is worse than we expected.

    Therefore, the claim that players can block the transaction situation is, unfortunately, true.

    But GBT does not stop there.

    We will study closely the history of accounts of the 19 players who have never paid the debts taken by other Full Tilt playful. The sum amounts to just $ 16.5 million.

    Poker community and in particular that made up of former players Full Tilt waiting to recover their money deserve to know the reality and behavior of great personalities who say their sorry state in which the Full Tilt and will do everything they can to help return funds, blaming the former management, but also avoids to say how they borrowed from Full Tilt and play as they lost the site.

    However, these losses are part of the funds owed to the players awaiting the return of funds.

    When you're a poker player, a great player, recognized and admired, the basic rule is, in my view, honoring debt taken.

    Fortunately, among the 19 players that I contacted, few have answered right back and have worked with us for a plan to pay debts and finalize some contracts already in this respect.

    We hope that those who have not contacted us will soon find solutions to the situation will not remain as it is now. "


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